Fall 2017-2018


The Partnership was built on a foundation of freedom and democratic principles. We are an inclusive group and welcome everyone. We are not here to tell anyone how to home school or judge what others choose. We are a resource for those who feel our offerings enhance their child's educational journey. Gull Lake Partnership is a collaboration between parents, Gull Lake Community Schools and the community. The Partnership offers unique elective classes for students, grades 1-12. Parents direct their child's learning by choosing opportunities they feel best suit their families. The Partnership is a free program paid for by your tax dollars. Students sign up as part-time students with Gull Lake Schools. According to HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association), students retain their status as home schooled as long as parents provide 51% of the student's total education including all core subjects: language arts (reading, spelling, English grammar, writing, literature), arithmetic, science, history, and federal and state government. The school district receives tax dollars and in turn provides non-core (elective) educational opportunities families might not otherwise be able to enjoy. Students enrolled in the Partnership may not be enrolled in any other public or private school.

 Certified Teachers

  • Sue Amos
  • Susan Briggs
  • Ben Brott 
  • Kathleen Brown
  • Melani Esman
  • Jared March
  • Erin Minard
  • Betsy Springer
  • Holly Switalski
  • Kathryn VanDeusen


Community Partners

  • Adams Karate Fitness
  • All That Athletcs
  • Battle Creek Youth Orchestra
  • BattleGround Indoor Bike/Skate Park
  • Bittersweet Ski
  • Branch Gymnastics
  • Burghart Music Studio
  • Climb Kalamazoo
  • Coldwater Recreation Center
  • Community Music School-Battle Creek
  • Community Music School-Hastings
  • Dan Bulley Soccer
  • Design Street
  • Dickerson Music Company
  • East Fork Farms
  • Firebird Fine Arts Academy
  • Fun Learning Company
  • Gerry Performing Arts
  • Hillsdale Gymnastics Center
  • Kalamazoo Suzuki Academy
  • Kingdom Indoor Soccer
  • Nottawa Paint Horse


Cindy Fadel       General Partnership Information

Monica Willcutt   Class Changes and Scheduling Issues

Anita Talmage    Registration and Enrollment

Doug Woodard   Dual Enrollment

Nancy Brown      Invoicing/Billing, Music Scheduling

Kyle Wilder         IT


Community Partners

  • Premier Equestrian Center
  • Red Clay Pottery
  • Sherman Lake YMCA
  • String Talent Education Program
  • Stephen Williams' Music and Dance Service
  • Tanner Music Studio
  • Ted Brooks Archery
  • The Music Center
  • The Repertoire
  • The Rink
  • Tri-Blade Fencing Academy
  • Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center
  • West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts
  • World Academy of Martial Arts