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Early College - Interested in Early College/Dual Enrollment? Future dates to be announced soon.  If you have questions, please call 269-488-5000, ext. 1065

Login Credentials for New Families - Once all enrollment paperwork for 2014-2015 is submitted parents will receive login credentials to sign up for classes once registration opens.  If you have submitted your paperwork and have not received login credentials please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

2014-15 Catalog - In the works and should be up on the website soon.  The schedule will be posted shortly thereafter.
Registration will be open one to two weeks after the catalog and schedule are posted. 
This will give time to plan the schedules of your children before registration opens to ALL.

New Students; please submit your registration paperwork before registration opens; this will allow you to enroll for classes when registration opens.  All class registration is done electronically.  If you would like to visit Bedford, please call first at 269-488-5000, ext. 1063 or 1065.

2013/2014 Information

Thanks to all of our Community Partners for another great year and  for giving our children outstanding quality educational opportunities!!!

Our Community Partners are:

East Fork Farms

Branch Gymnastics

Maple Hill Golf

Ted Brooks Archery

Chungs Black Belt Academy

Community Music School

BCYO-Battle Creek Youth Orchestra

West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts

Kingdom Soccer

Bittersweet Ski

Expressions Dance Studio

Richland Bowling

Red Clay Pottery

and all of our Bedford certified teachers and Community Partner  Instructors


  • Certified Teachers:  Sue Amos, Susan Briggs, Ben Brott, Melani Esman, Jack Gregory, Robin Johnkoski, Stephen Johnkoski, Connie Lavender, Jared March, Lydia Post, Betsy Springer, Holly Switalski.
  • Instructors:  Valoree Boyer, Bethany Brown-Heikkila, Amber Langan,  Amy Gillett, Christyl Burnett, Dr. Ronald Muller, Jeff Smith, Karen Kiser, Kyle Wilder, Lori Evesque, Mark Patrie, Master Chung, Ruth Tenbroek, Zeke Talmage.
  • Office StaffCindy Fadel, Monica Willcutt, Anita Talmage, Barb Russell, Amy Frentz and Kyle Wilder.












    A partnership goal is to create a deeper connection between and among community members and the education of young people in our community. Using and supporting our community resources is a core principle of the partnership.

    This learning partnership was built on Peter Senges model of  Getting the community involved in the education of youth by using resources we already have. An inspiration for this is a quote from John Dewey that says,  What the wisest parent wants for their child, should the wisest community want for all children.

    By bringing parents, educators and community together,we will build a stronger community. The members of the community will feel a sense of belonging and be rooted to a community that listens and values the talents of it's citizens. We hope to all share the vision of our youth being our future, and the importance of their educational experience being inspirational and relevant.

    We are proud of the passion and dedication of our community partners.


    If you are interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form if you are a business
    community partner application

    and this form if you are an individual:

    individual community partner application

    Through the Parent Partnership, Gull Lake offers opportunities to integrate learning, bringing relevance to academics.

    The present day approach to education is about basic information transfer.  Integrated learning is about discovering relationships between various aspects of ones experience. A learner then engages in the process of sense-making: elaborating, refining, and putting that process to routine use in everyday life. This is something which is done naturally from birth, provided nothing inhibits or interferes with it.  As long as the learner is allowed to lead the way and is treated with respect in their curious moments, this type of learning continues to happen. As a result, more and more relationships are created, thus developing a greater knowledge and understanding base, which leads to wisdom.

    Some of our virtual classes have labs available that give students the ability to put learning into action.

    Gull Lake Programs

    • Partnership
    • Traditional School
    • Virtual School
    • Gateway Academy


    The partnership was built on a foundation of freedom and democratic principles. We are an inclusive group and welcome everyone. We are not here to tell anyone how to homeschool or judge what others choose. We are just a resource for those who feel our offerings enhance their children's educational journey. The Gull Lake Parent Partnership is a collaboration between, parents, Gull Lake School District and the community. The Partnership offers unique elective classes for students, grades 1-12. Parents direct their children's learning by choosing opportunities they feel best suites their individual families and children. The partnership is a free program paid for by your tax dollars. Students, grades 1-12, sign up as part-time students with Gull Lake Schools. According to HSLDA Homeschool Legal Defense Association), they retain their status as homeschool students as long as parents provide 51% of the students' total education including all core subjects: language arts (reading, spelling, English grammar, writing, literature), arithmetic, science, history, and federal and state government. The school district receives tax dollars and in turn provides non-core (elective) educational opportunities families might not otherwise be able to enjoy.

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    If a traditional public school setting fits your family the best, then Gull Lake Community Schools offers you schools of excellence.  The Gull Lake Traditional Schools offer you outstanding curriculum that meets Michigan Merit standards and boasts a graduation rate of 93%. 

    Gull Lake High School
    Gull Lake Middle School

    Ryan Intermediate
    Kellogg Elementary
    Richland Elementary

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    If you are looking for a way to get curriculum that is core and meets Michigan Merit standards that your can do at home, then the Gull Lake Virtual School is for you. 

    You will have all kinds of support along the way including k12 teachers with each course and Gull Lake Virtual School mentor teachers that communicate with you weekly and are readily available to assist you.

    Virtual School partners with k12 to provide a top notch virtual curriculum that provides families with ability to complete school any time and any place.

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    If you have a student that:

    • displays emotional or behavior issues

    • under-performing academically

    • is at a high risk of dropping out or being expelled from school

    • needs individualized instruction to meet state mandated graduation requirements

    • needs credit recovery for multiple subjects

    then Gateway Academy fits your needs.  The Gateway Academy staff is specially trained to mentor students that have found themselves in academic distress due to a variety of reasons.  Our staff will provide your struggling student with the accountability, mentoring and encouragement that will empower him or her to reach his/her academic and life potential.

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