Gull Lake Virtual Partnership


The Gull Lake Virtual Partnership (GLVP) provides a variety of learning opportunities for students in grades K-12. This school program is open to all students (based on enrollment criteria) looking for flexibility with their learning plans including electives and/or core classes :

Full-time students
Part-time students
Home school students
Nonpublic/shared time students 

The Gull Lake Virtual Partnership strives to offer meaningful and personalized learning opportunities for students to grow and thrive as they discover their own unique talents. Our courses offer students the chance to strengthen their skills and abilities as they move along their educational pathways. Students may choose from a variety of courses including

Fully online courses
Blended learning opportunities
Dual enrollment (college coursework)
Early College, advanced course options
Other Gull Lake Community Schools buildings’ offerings

Each student’s plan in Gull Lake Virtual Partnership includes a schedule of courses that meet their learning needs in accordance with their future plans. The full-time school option within GLVP allows a student 6 classes per semester, takes both core/essential classes and elective/nonessential classes, and maybe working towards a state-endorsed high school diploma. The part-time program option within GLVP allows a student to take 4 or fewer elective (nonessential) courses per semester. All courses are taught by highly qualified teachers. Every student within GLVP works with a mentor to ensure that they maintain a high level of success within their courses.


The Michigan Woods, Water, and Wildlife

We would like to share a display they created in the Bedford school location just before the school-wide shutdown. This display board is a culmination of ideas by the students after they studied Waubascon Creek in the park next to Bedford.  In Fall 2019, High School, Middle School, and Elementary students collected stream samples did salt testing and observed the stream area to determine the health of the stream.  They were also able to meet with an expert from the Kalamazoo River Watershed Council and learn about Great Lakes Fisheries from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  As a way to share this learning with the community, students created the display board you see here in the photos.  Though we had plans to do some finishing touches on it before the end of the year, it still has much to say!  The fish images were created through a technique called fish printing, and the text was arranged by students as well.  The connection of the Mighty Great Lake Michigan to our tiny neighbor Waubascon Creek is the message students want to share with you.

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The Gull Lake Virtual Partnership is a program of Gull Lake Community Schools and is available to all students residing within Kalamazoo County and all school districts that are contiguous to Kalamazoo County. All classes in the traditional school, Gull Lake Virtual Partnership, and Gateway Academy are available to all students enrolled in Gull Lake Schools.